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ATCCHA Leadership Positions


The chair’s primary responsibility to provide vision and leadership to the ATCCHA group through coordination of the Leadership Team, connections and communication with the senior housing officers of member institutions, facilitate scheduling of meetings, and lead the regular meetings. The chair should communicate with host institutions prior to the meetings to provide adequate guidance and support as well as to ensure preparation for members to arrive and participate. The chair should also oversee the management and correspondence involving the ATCCHA email account, currently The chair should also help facilitate the guidance and support for the student leadership conference, as needed.


During the summer, the chair will be responsible for coordinating with the leadership of the member institutions to schedule meetings each month throughout the academic year and avoid conflicts with other organizations, such as MCPA.


This position is open only to full-time professionals.



This position is a two year commitment. The Chair-Elect works with the Chair to learn about ATCCHA from the perspective of the Leadership Team. The goal is to gain information and promote continuity from year to year since the chair of the group changes every year. This position also serves as the "recruiter" for the next year's leadership team. This person will promote, encourage, & lead a campaign to encourage members to join in leadership. In addition to learning from the Chair, the Chair-Elect is responsible for working with the ATCCHA Student Staff Conference in a liaison role and preparing for meetings and events for the following year during the spring. The second year is served as the official chair of ATCCHA.  


This position is open only to full-time professionals from member institutions.


Operations Chair

This position oversees the ATCCHA budget, dues collection, and membership. Operations Chair will communicate with SHOs to ensure dues are paid in a timely manner, work with the St. Thomas SHO on maintaining the ATCCHA account, and update the email list-serv to ensure all members are communicated with via email. The Operations Chair will also handle the upkeep of the Google drive associated with the atccha gmail. This position oversees the ATCCHA budget and membership. They are also responsible for taking minutes at meetings and publishing them via email to the general body. They are also responsible for adding to the history of ATCCHA and maintaining accurate updates in this document.


This position is open only to full time professionals from member institutions.

Social Media Chair

This position is to ensure ATCCHA maintains a regular digital presence. By engaging members through various social media outlets, the goal is to allow ATCCHA members to engage with one another regardless of if they are able to physically attend our meetings. The Social Media Chair will also work with the Chair to update the website with important meeting updates.


This position is open to any member of ATCCHA to apply.

Networking Chair

This position is tasked with creating opportunities for members of ATCCHA to network. Networking efforts are to occur at each meeting throughout the year and may additionally be offered outside of meetings. Networking is loosely defined as fun opportunities to interact with others either in person or through other media.


This position is open only to full-time professionals from member institutions.



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