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The Chair-Elect position is a two-year appointment with the first year serving as the Chair-Elect and the second year serving as the Chair.


February 4

March 3

March 4

March 4

Chair-Elect Application available on ATCCHA website

Deadline for Chair-Elect Applications at 11:59 pm

2 Minute Statement Delivered at ATCCHA Meeting

Voting for Chair-Elect at the ATCCHA Meeting

Leadership Team

(No Vacancies)

Each position is a one-year appointment. Starting on May 1st the current leadership team and SHOs will review applications. Announcements of positions will take place the following week.


February 4

April 15

Operations Chair Applications available on ATCCHA website

Deadline for Operations Chair Applications at 11:59 pm

April 22

Leadership Team Announced at ATCCHA Meeting

April 15 - 22

ATCCHA Leadership Team Slated

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