The Chair-Elect position is a two-year appointment with the first year serving as the Chair-Elect and the second year serving as the Chair.

Application Due April 2nd

On Friday, April 3rd members of the executive board will be reaching out to each applicant to schedule a meeting over Zoom for the week of April 6 to record a video answering some questions. Applicants will be given the questions prior to the meeting.

On April 13th an email will be sent out to ATCCHA members with the videos of each applicant attached. 

The week of April 20th each candidate will be contacted to notify them of the results. Once each candidate is notified an email will go out announcing the new Chair-Elect.

Operations Chair, Social Media Chair, & Networking Chair

Each position is a one-year appointment.

Starting on May 1st the current leadership team and SHOs will review applications. Announcements of positions will take place the following week.

Application Due April 30th

Make sure you follow us on Social Media for updates and reminders of the election process.

If you have any questions, please, let us know.

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